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Jassim Mohamad

Head of the European Center for Counter-terrorism and Intelligence Studies
Germany and the Netherlands

Twitter  @jassim_press      E mail  jassim@europarabct.com



Jassim Mohamad –International Security –  Bonn

Jassim Mohamad is a Researcher on International Security & Terror, his works covers International security: Europe (Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, The relationship between the two sides of the Atlantic), Middle East: (Iraq, Syria, Libya, Iran and Yemen), African Sahel.

He is a researcher in intelligence and Counter Terrorism: Radicalization threats on international security, as well as he is a researcher in cyber security specifically within national security. He is the head of the European Centre for Counterterrorism and Intelligence Studies ECCI – Germany and Netherlands; he is a researcher also at Roaya Foundation. Former diplomat, twenty years of institutional career, in Diplomacy and Intelligence.

 Jassim Mohamad is postgraduate, B.A, M.A in 1980, English literature and Media, National Security from Baghdad University, Cambridge – UK, and Germany.

He published many books on – International Security, Terrorism and intelligence. His books participated in Book Int. Exhibition: Cairo, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Algeria, Morocco and Baghdad.

Jassim Mohamad

e mail : info@eurobarabct.com

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Tittwe: jassim_ press@

, Tittwe: jassim_ press@

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