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European Centre for Counterterrorism and Intelligence Studies, Germany & Netherlands



We are European Centre for Counterterrorism and Intelligence Studies, based in Germany and Netherlands. We are concerned about the counterterrorism policies, by governments and none governmental efforts.

Our Studies and reports are focused on the European efforts to combat, radical Islamic groups mostly the “ISIS” , Al – Qaeda network  and others, “Jihadist” and right wings in Europe. We are pro European polices and some regional and international polices to counterterrorism. We believe in Peace, integration in society for all religious and ethnics.

We are working in cooperation with Experts and Research Centres to exchange experiences and recommendations through effectively participating in their workshops and conferences.

The Center has been classified at the top of Google researching page on counterterrorism. It is also classified as a European and International Center. It merits having the best network of well-known academic experts and senior researchers who have participated in international workshops, conferences and International media and TV seminars and sessions in Europe and all over the region.

The European Centeris  partner with DW (Deutsche Welle). We have joined all concerned international forums and meetings in Bonn, Germany. Furthermore, the Center participated in International Counterterrorism Forums, workshops and conference.

Thank you for your consideration

Jassim Mohamad

European Centre, P.O. Box- DN-101017, Germany & Peppelkade, 3992AK, Netherlands.

European  Center, Peppelkade , 3992AK, – Netherlands . Tel: 0031-685901955 or P.O. Box  . 101017, Germany  Tel and Whats Up 0049- 152079525761  , e mail,

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