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European Intelligence Agencies Facing the “IS” Cells book

European Intelligence# Agencies Facing the “IS” Cells
Flabbiness of European Intelligence Agencies

Book Review

European intelligence services in the face of “Islamic State” cells
The writer discussed the “Islamic State”- “Daesh” terror operations as an extremist, radical Islamist groups in Europe, and discussed the European intelligence services strategies in four chapters.The author discussed the Belgian and the European intelligence services capabilities that have been described as the critic, weakest link in the European countries.
Jassim Mohamad said that, French service, adopted a counterterrorism, solid military by extending the state of emergency and the military deployment more than information adoption. The German and British intelligence services are looking better relatively.
European intelligence services realized, that they are in front of a big challenge beyond their capabilities, and discovered that there were security lapses and failure related to its   Infrastructure internally.
European services are still suffering from coordination lack between themselves and other security agencies even inside one state, due to lack of trust. So that, European failed to set out a unified intelligence services. European intelligence services are still suffering from inadequacy and may need a few years to upgrade their their capabilities and bring its policies.
Jassim Mohamad   discusses the “sleeper cells“and „Loan Wolves “of Daesh – “Islamic State” and their network in European countries. He disclosed, first time that the “Islamic State” committee, that conduct terror attack in Europe, uncovering their technique and procedures of recruiting fighters inside Europe.
The author examined converted criminal in Europe from criminal record to organized terrorism record, which is considered a new trend or direction at “Islamic State”.
The author assess, how “Daesh” succeed to “infect“ refugees seeker from Syria and Iraq to Europe, that damage the image of real asylum seekers, however European countries were trying to distinguish between  defective refugees and terrorist.
European Services succeeded lately to overcame some critical position and problems and regain European trust to counterterrorism

N.B :  Book participate at Cairo – Egypt  Book  Exhibition  2017


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About the writer

Iraqi Expert on Counterterrorism and Intelligent, qualified with, National Security, English language from the UK, and Baghdad University.
Writer at Roaya Network and the head of the European Centre for Counterterrorism and Intelligence studies, Germany. This book is his sixth book on Counterterrorism

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